IRDC Academy Masterclass

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IRDC Masterclass Program

IRDC ACADEMY is the training section of the IRDC in partnership with the University Hospital at the University of Leipzig. IRDC ACADEMY is specified by the international Board of Surgeons of the IRDC and open to all surgical schools worldwide.

The institution is focussed on teaching surgical procedures according to (A) international SOP´s, (B) exceptional situations, (C) integrated surgical systems, (D) safety and (E) logistic tools as well in (I) lessons, (II) live-surgery and (III) training conditions.

The training courses are designed and adapted with the help of international training facilities from other disciplines, e.g. Lufthansa and Airbus Ind. All courses are defined for a specific trainee level to avoid redundancies in teaching and training:

All participants of IRDC ACADEMY training courses will belong to their individual Surgical Masterclasses. They will pass this class after fulfilling 60 points with an IRDC-certification and life-long membership to the IRDC ACADEMY.

This surgical training can be combined with training at the OR1plus-Training Centres worldwide to add principle knowledge of these highly-integrative workplaces and to pass the certification for OR1™ plus Surgical Units.