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Glass / steel / endoscopes

Instruments, telescopes, video

Duration: ½ day

Combined with further developed optics, flexible systems and, above all, FULL HD technology, endoscopy has again experienced a surge in innovation. Anyone who has operated in HD quality will never want to do without it again. The IMAGE1™ HD technology integrated in examination rooms and ORs offers image reproduction in the highest quality in 16:9 wide-screen format similar to natural vision in full HD with 2 million pixels – the highest possible image resolution in medical technology.

The complete KARL STORZ video chain also allows for a new type of visualisation: HD video microscopy. The H3-M microscope camera head offers the best overview of the operation field when looking at the image on the FULL HD monitor with 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The KARL STORZ product range consists of the most modern fully-digital 3-chip cameras, as well as mobile ALL-IN-ONE solutions for practical application and the necessary accessories such as monitors and storage systems.

Innovative special state of the art surgical instruments such as micro biopsy forceps with double spoon jaws, nasal forceps with an extra smooth cut, combination bipolar instruments for transnasal rhinoneurosurgery or micro-tweezers for endolaryngeal surgery are presented in surgical procedures and training sessions in the IRDC.

Surgical motors with interfaces to the integrated OR OR1™ and the KARL STORZ Surgical Cockpit are another component of the overall surgical concept.