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Assistance systems / automation

Navigation Panel Unit, Navigation Base Unit, Surgical Planing System, Surgical Planing System, Navigated Control Unit, Endoscope Manipulation System, Micro Manipulator System

Duration: 1 day

An ever-increasing amount of information about the patient is available to the surgeon prior to, during and after the operation. This information must be appropriately processed and represented in a situational manner. Existing instruments and special new developments in the OR (workplace) must be ergonomically integrated.
KARL STORZ is convinced that the surgeon’s workplace must be adjusted to these developments, and offers the corresponding solutions for this purpose – the right surgical cockpit (KSSC) for a specific discipline.

Depending on the specialised area, the KSSC consists of systems for a specific surgical discipline for:

  • Planning and training on virtual and real models
  • Navigating active and passive instruments
  • Controlling the performance of active instruments (Navigated Control®) – the instrument is turned off shortly before reaching risk structures
  • Intra-operative dynamic measurements of various (vital) parameters of the patient and the instruments
  • Endoscope management systems
  • Micro and telemanipulators with corresponding entry consoles
  • Microinstruments
  • Display of information

The patient is able to benefit from higher security, more precise access and fewer complications. The surgeon is provided with the ergonomics and support required for highly complex activities.