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Architecture and resource management

Patient cubicles, rooms, and suites; Preparation Room, Nurse Preparation Area, rail system

Duration: 1 day


Behind the mantle of a modern operating room, a fascinating world begins. From the server for image data routing to the data line from the navigation system to the trephine all the way up to the lighting system and air conditioning technology – the OR has long become a high-tech product for specialists. Precisely planning all of this and adjusting it to the individual needs of surgeons is a challenge.

As a special service provider, MEDPLAN Engineering has many years of unique experience in planning and setting up operating rooms and hospitals. MEDPLAN implements its own developed software, which plans the architecture from the shell right down to the minutest detail based on the intended workflow for KARL STORZ. Implementation is conducted by trusted partners from every trade.

MEDPLAN Engineering guarantees compliance with country-specific requirements for building and medical technology. Furthermore, these solutions are modularly structured in order to allow for flexible system expansion opportunities..