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Integrated OR with incorporated navigation and additional KSSC components, video routing, AIDA as interface to S-PACS

Duration: ½ day


Integration is about more than controlling the OR table, the lighting or generating still images and video sequences. In the operating room, large amounts of information from various imaging systems, which must be saved and processed in a suitable form, converge.

  • Starting in the treatment room, all operation-relevant information is gathered, prepared in a suitable manner and kept up-to-date.
  • In the OR, specific checklists created according to guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) facilitate the preparation and clearance of the operation for the personnel and surgeon.
  • Vor, während und nach der Operation können die Befunde des Patienten aus dem Surgical-PACS (Picture Archiving System) abgerufen werden
  • Prior to, during and after the operation, patient findings can be accessed from the Surgical PACS (Picture Archiving System).
  • Thanks to an intelligent communication solution, video conferences, live broadcasts of surgeries, video streaming and audio communication via the teleconferencing system e.g. from OR to OR, to the chief physician's office, the auditorium or any other external place on earth are possible at any time.