Surgery at the IRDC: A pleasant working environment for surgeons

Released September 18th, 2009

Statement by senior physician Dr. Andreas Boehm of the Leipzig University Medical Center’s Otorhinolaryngology Department on working with modern assistance systems such as the KARL STORZ Surgical Cockpit™ in the OR1™ operating room of the International Reference and Development Centres for Surgical Technology (IRDC) in Leipzig. Dr. Boehm has been working with computer-assisted systems in the OR since 2001.

“The comprehensive technical features available in the two operating rooms at IRDC are impressive. The reference and development center facilitates advancing this technology and in the process optimizing the workflow. The workstation in the Surgical Cockpit has been redesigned: The monitors are in ergonomically advantageous positions for the surgeon, and they automatically supply all essential data,” explains Dr. Boehm. The working and viewing axes are optimally aligned. “This convenient arrangement significantly facilitates procedures,” stresses Boehm. “The surgeon does not have to turn to the side, away from the patient, to see the information – a movement that eventually leads to muscular tension. Instead, surgeons can sit upright and look straight ahead to the monitor in a relaxed working position. Last but not least, a comfortable working environment in the operating room also benefits the patient,” because excellent working conditions permit the surgeon to achieve even better results.

Background information on the IRDC:
The International Reference and Development Centre for Surgical Technology (IRDC) in Leipzig is implementing an innovative, comprehensive concept in specialty surgery. The OR system is the first to link and analyze all patient information, making it a true surgical assistant. While the minimally invasive procedure is transmitted to a surgical cockpit in Full-HD quality, detailed patient information is merged in real time in the background - including prior diseases, inflammation markers, structures at risk, nerve conduction characteristics and HD images from the inside of the body. Three-dimensional views optimize preparation for surgery.

The IRDC combines all products and prototypes from the realm of surgical automation and assistance made by the well-established company KARL STORZ and its partners. A complete treatment unit for ENT surgery is presented by KARL STORZ in the Leipzig reference center, the first of its kind worldwide.

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