Error management - an exciting exchange between aircraft cockpit and surgical cockpit

Every year, the IRDC Academy, in cooperation with former Lufthansa pilot Hans-Ulrich Baier, organizes an event on "Disorders, irregular events and accidents in medicine".
The aim of this event is to establish a healthy error culture in the company, which makes it possible to prevent future mistakes by a purposeful analysis of past mistakes. Particularly exciting was the comparison of aircraft cockpit and surgical cockpit, which have many causes of failure in common. The diversity of the occupational group represented by surgeons, therapists, receptionists and administrative staff underlines that each area is affected by this issue and that everyone can take something from the lecture.

Due to the positive response and the importance of the topic, the event should take place every six months in the future. On 24.11.2018 there is the next opportunity for an exciting exchange.

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