Basic course on Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery / FESS

We are pleased about the positive response of our participants from Germany and Poland to the Basic FESS training course.
In addition to the theoretical basics of sinus surgery, the one-day course focused on simulator training. Each participant operated a FESS on the simulator and had the opportunity to carry out the operation via an active tool tracking using the navigation system (navigated control). The IRDC Academy attaches great importance to practical relevance in its training courses. The ratio between theory and practice has been 1: 2.
On 09.11.2018 you will have the opportunity to attend another of our training courses. The practice-oriented training "FESS under difficult visual conditions, how can you still operate safely?" mediates the implementation of particularly complex paranasal sinus surgeries. Thus, the course offers the optimal supplement and a deepening of the contents of the Basic FESS course.

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