Hospitation course tonsillectomy

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. Gero Strauss the one-day course "tonsillectomy with automatic vascular occlusion" took place with ENT specialists from Saxony and Baden-Württemberg.
For many years, tonsillectomy has been closely associated with the goal of achieving a significant reduction in the rate of rebleeding. The shown live OPs with the method of impedance-controlled electrocoagulation were performed under magnification, with the help of a special optic (VITOM), which makes every small vessel visible to the surgeon. These vessels are then individually closed with a heat shield that automatically adapts to the respective conditions. The procedure is to proceed with less tissue damage, less invasive and with a shortened healing phase. First experiences of the past years show a significantly lower rebleeding rate, also in the later postoperative phase.

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