Middle Ear Surgery, Hearing Implants & Lateral Skull Base

In a few month our training course “Middle Ear Surgery, Hearing Implants & Lateral Skull Base ” on 25th - 27th September 2017 in Leipzig takes place.
The IRDC training courses are specifically developed for further education of surgeons in the field of high specialized operating procedures. We expect excellent speakers and trainer:

• Prof. Baher Ashour (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
• Prof. Marc Bassim (Beirut, Lebanon)
• PD Dr. Georgios Mantokoudis (Bern, Switzerland)
• Dr. Robert Vincent (Colombiers, France) requested
• Prof. Gero Strauß (Leipzig, Germany)
• Dr. Katja Mühlbauer (Germany)
• Lars Reuther (Leipzig, Germany)

More than 700 participants of 25 nations have participated on the IRDC Courses within the last 8 years. We will be happy to welcome you in Leipzig.

REGISTER NOW at our Website: http://www.irdc-leipzig.de/en/training-irdc-academy/irdc-academy-training-courses/book/3473927

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