Trainingskurs Mastoidectomy & Posterior Tympanotomy with assistance of Nerve Collision Warning – IONM based Navigation

For the first time the IRDC Academy offered this training course around the "intraoperative nerve monitoring". The course started with an compact theory session about anatomical landmarks of the facial nerve at the temporal bone, the use of cone beam CT and integration of nerve stimulation. The use of IONM provides additional information and helps to maintain nerve integrity, neural pathways and brain function. The participants were trained to use the system properly and reliably, to achieve faster and better preparation of the bone near the facial nerve. The use of the drill during a Mastoidectomy has been trained with 3D simulators and the navigation-assisted nerve stimulation. In cooperation with the company inomed Medizintechnik, Emmendingen/Germany we welcomed participants from Germany, Poland and Saudi Arabia.

Due to the positive feedback, the IRDC Academy will offer the IONM Course in the Co-Surgery Training Series next year.

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