FESS, Anterior Skull Base & Related Procedures

With the aim, to be one of the world's leading centers for development of the operating room, the IRDC traines since 2009 more than 600 ENT surgeons from around the world in cooperation with several clinics, including the ACQUA clinic Leipzig.
This year's training course for paranasal sinus and skull base surgery has welcomed participants from Ukraine, Estonia, Russia, India, Albania, Poland, Romania, Ireland, Austria and Libya, for 3 days in Leipzig/ Germany. The training course took place at the International Reference and Development Centre for Surgical Technology (IRDC), Leipzig.
The scientific international faculty of speakers and surgical experts consists of Prof. Dr. Martin Bettag (Germany), Prof. Dr. Marco Caversaccio (Switzerland), Prof. Dr. Ahmed Elguindy (Egypt), Dr. T. N. Janakiram (India), Prof. Dr. Reda Kamel (Egypt), Dr. Susanne Modemann (Germany), Lars Reuther (Germany) and president of the event Prof. Dr. Gero Strauss (Germany).

Live Surgeries were performed in the surgical cockpit of the IRDC / ACQUA clinic Leipzig by Dr. T. N. Janakiram (India), Prof. Dr. Reda Kamel (Egypt). This course was characterized by an open minded atmosphere which gave opportunities for lively discussions.
The focus of the IRDC Surgical Training School are ENT procedures. To train more than standard methods the participants can work with advanced simulators with rare anatomic variations and complications.
Even millimeter structures are shown in a realistic manner. Important effects like bleeding or pathological changes can be simulated. The so called “phantoms” can be used in a realistic operating room whereby the surgeon becomes the impression of a real surgery.
This year for the first time systems are used, to evaluate the knowledge of various databases and experiences of other surgeons to provide them for decision making within the OR. In the near future, that could be a “door-opener” to the world of artificial intelligence.

More information: http://www.panarabrhinologysociety.com/site/content.php?id=293

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