Leipzig´s operation computer in the surgical cockpit. IRDC and ACQUA clinic apply Procedure Point Navigation in more than 10 cases for the first time in the world

After a 12-months successful introductory phase of an operation-computer, which allows the surgical team the indication of all surgical steps, the clinic partially changes into a more advanced version of Surgical Procedure Manager 2.0. The system, developed in Leipzig, Berlin and Tuttlingen, was applied for the first time in more than 10 procedures. On the base of an electronic handbook the OR computer recommends OR-steps for each instrument and demands a submission of important parameter from the OR crew in the form of a checklist. The OR computer is calculating deviation from the normal operation procedure and the computer points them out on an ongoing basis by the use of sensor data. Quasi the expected end of the operation can be predicted with minute-by-minute precision, where the dosage of anesthetic can get adjusted to each patient. Prof. Dr. Gero Strauß, chief surgeon of the ENT clinic and the director of the IRDC praises the system: “The most important change since the implementation of the instrument navigation in ENT-surgery”. With so called Prcedure Point Navigation all steps are unified, now all surgeons can follow so called best-practice-standard. It is clear, that our surgeons always and at any time can deviate from the suggested gold-standard, but always with a good reason. This will allow a unification of operation result s on a high level and individual fluctuation will be reduced. For me it is a convincing system in everyday live, which allows me a very detailed documentation. We talk about deviation and complication in our training and learn more about it.

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