Welcome to the IRDC

IRDC stands for the International Reference and Development Centre for Surgical Technology. The IRDC went into operation in the summer of 2009 in the former villa of Fritz Baedeker, the successful publisher of travel guides. Here, knowledge and vision, as well as research and development, have come together in a unique symbiosis. The Centre is based on an interdisciplinary exchange between the firm KARL STORZ and universities, medical technology engineers, surgeons and industrial cooperation partners. The tasks that the IRDC has set itself are to promote knowledge transfer, to push the development of new technologies forward and to integrally demonstrate a high level of practical application.

„With the IRDC we are fulfilling a dream: a joint demonstration of our systems and competencies in everyday operation and further development on-site in direct collaboration with surgeons. This corresponds to the principle of KARL STORZ that is being applied to today’s challenges. You are warmly welcome!“
Dr. h. c. mult. Sybill Storz
KARL STORZ SE & Co. KG, Tuttlingen
„Planning the IRDC was a challenge. For the first time we were required to integrate products of KARL STORZ and the participating partners both spatially and logistically in nearly every area of surgical treatment. I believe that we have successfully managed to do exactly this. And we have learned a great deal for our future projects.“
Felix Aries
CEO MedPlan Engineering, Schaffhausen
„The IRDC is the product of many years of research and development work in the area of automated surgical technology, together with KARL STORZ and excellent engineers such as Prof. Dr. Tim Lüth. In many respects, the IRDC is entering uncharted territory and in this way we hope to familiarise as many colleagues as possible with the technologies and operating techniques that we have developed.“
Prof. Dr. med. habil. Gero Strauss
Managing Director of the IRDC, Leipzig

The IRDC is the logical continuation of many years of collaboration

Medical technology is transforming surgery

One of the most exciting areas of innovation in modern surgery is medical device technology, which makes use of micro-device technology, information technology, electrical engineering, electronics and sensor technology.

The surgeon is thus experiencing a reorientation in all phases of his daily work, with increasing demands placed on him. In a positive sense, today one can speak of surgery automation, which places an emphasis on the safety and efficiency of treatment and which further standardises surgery and makes it more transparent.

For over 10 years KARL STORZ has been accompanying these developments in nearly all aspects through its own innovations and cooperative research partnerships. For products such as the mobile navigation system NPU, the STS training system for temporal bone surgery, and the special surgical OR, numerous tests and trials have been done in advance and numerous publications have been written.

It was time to take the next step

In this context, the International Reference and Development Centre for Surgical Technology (IRDC) has the task of consolidating all products and prototypes from the area of surgical automation by KARL STORZ and partners into a functioning system. In this way, the presentation, evaluation, training and further development of the individual components can be combined into a greater whole.